Vol 4, No 1 (2002)

Launch issue

The hard copy journal associated with the SOAS student-led research training seminar, E@TM, was the inspiration for the Anthropology Matters website. We are proud, therefore, to present the on-line launch issue of the (renamed) journal.

Challenging articles, they reflect the intention of this site: to facilitate the articulation of issues related to research and writing processes, which tend otherwize to remain the subject only of private reflection.

On-line, there is now the opportunity for lively engagement with issues raised. So, do take advantage of the discussion forum, to share your responses to any of the articles and encourage colleagues with related interests to contribute too.

Table of Contents


Christine Barry
Facing of Facts in Rwanda: A response to Nigel Eltringham's "Representing Rwanda: Questions and Challenges" Vol 3, No 1 (2001)
Linda Melvern
Rachel Burr
What it is like for me and other people living with HIV/AIDS to be studies by researchers who are conducting projects on people
Jackie Nabwire, Andrew Irving
Globalising Rights? A response to the issues raised by Jackie Nabwire
David Mills


"Leprosy in Colonial South India: Medicine and Confinement" by Jane Buckingham
James Staples