Myth, collective trauma and war in Serbia: a cultural-hermeneutical appraisal


  • Daniel Šuber University of Konstanz



This paper explores the close relationship between mythical narrative, collective trauma and their repercussions on the Serbian population since the mid-1980s. It is argued that Serbia's particular cultural-historically inherited frame of perception provided a fertile seedbed for Miloševic to successfully launch a policy of re-traumatization and thus establish widespread consent to his war policy among the population. Other cultural factors that might have contributed to broad approval of Miloševic's policy will be reflected on. Drawing on recently coined concepts like 'cultural trauma' and 'cultural fear', a specifically cultural-sociological perspective on the subject will be outlined.

Author Biography

Daniel Šuber, University of Konstanz

Daniel Šuber, born 1973, is a sociologist at the Department of History and Sociology at the University of Konstanz. He works in the fields of cultural theory and philosophy of the social sciences. He also specialises in topics concerning a cultural-sociological interpretation of the recent Balkan Wars. To contact him, please click Daniel.Suber(AT)