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Andrew Irving

Andrew Irving is based at the University of Manchester University. His research explores how the world appears to people close to death, particularly in relation to the aesthetic appreciation of time, existence and otherness, and transformations of perception in relation to body, religion and imagination. He uses collaborative and mixed media approaches and has conducted fieldwork in Kampala, London and New York. His article ‘Ethnography, Art and Death’ (Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 2007, 13 [1]) was awarded the Clark Taylor Professional Paper Prize by the American Anthropological Association AIDS Research Group. Other recent publications include “Dangerous Substances and Visible Evidence: Tears, Blood, Alcohol, Pills” (Visual Studies, Vol. 25, No. 1). “The Color of Pain’ (Public Culture 2009, 21 [2]) and ‘Journey to the End of the Night: Disillusion and Derangement among the Senses’ (Journeys 2008, 9 [2]). He can be contacted at andrew.irving(AT)