Change and contesting identities: the creation and negotiation of landscape in Donetsk


  • Julia Holdsworth University of Hull



This discussion explores the ways that contestations over the nature and pace of change during the post-Soviet era are being enacted both in and through the urban landscapes of Donetsk, an industrial city in East Ukraine. I will examine the ways in which Donetsk has, in the past, been constructed as an essentially Russian and Soviet space. Currently there are debates and conflicts over changes being made to present and develop a more Ukrainian and Western orientation in these spaces. This paper discusses particular moments in these debates and, by doing so, explores the ways in which landscapes and identities are interconnected.

Author Biography

Julia Holdsworth, University of Hull

Julia Holdsworth is currently writing up her PhD in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Hull. Her main area of research interest is Post-Soviet change and her thesis focuses on the various ways people cope with, and characterise, these changes in Ukraine.