Fahrid’s insect world


  • Iban Ayesta Department of Anthropology, University College London




This article explores the subaltern corporeality of one of the many immigrants who are repopulating the city of Berlin. The ethnographer starts writing in the middle of the urban crowd, finding it almost impossible to write on the occurring phenomena due to the ephemeral conditions. Hanging out in the busy and heavily commercial Europa Center, the ethnographer meets Fahrid, an Algerian man who is seated quietly and bended forward. The generous and patient writing on such an apparently odd and absurd physical posture invades the thought of the ethnographer by revealing unexpected and often aberrant connections between Fahrid's body, the insects on the ground, the capitalist city and the practice of writing.

Author Biography

Iban Ayesta, Department of Anthropology, University College London

Iban Ayesta, anthropologist and independent filmmaker accomplished his Phd at the University College of London. The title of the thesis is 'Berlin fin de millenium: an experiment in corporeal ethnography'. Currently, he is making an ethnographic film on the Negro communities that were displaced two decades ago from the lands of Alcantara (Maranhão, Brazil) in order to install an aerospatial base for rocket shooting.